The paradox mindset

Sometimes, it’s infuriating when things get juggle up and you’re the one responsible for it.

When it’s difficult to convey your thoughts through words,

Or when you want to say something but you hold on to it as if a force just pushed you back.

You feel like giving up but you don’t, because somewhere inside your heart you believe that you can do it.

Yet, in the good of you there’s a pessimist who’s speculating, making you subjugate yourself is depth of bewilderment.

Your beliefs in failure is dillusional and are captivated by your own prison of premature thoughts.

Sometimes you wear multiple faces and even have the audacity to lie. But this voice inside you, that you believe to be your true self, knows everything. You can’t hide in the shadows of false judgements, even if you want to. The alluring glitter of lies will not help you build castles of honesty and loyalty.

You know what you’re doing and the only truth about yourself buries within you forever.

And Hypocrites?

Well they can only sabotage your spirit and make you something that you aren’t suppose to be.

You live in a world where you want to be what you admire and want to change without changing.

You don’t lack efficacy, you just seek people’s approval over your own decisions.

And the day when you’ll put yourself first you realize, that majority is same from within but wear different shades of colours.

So remember,

Nothing is stable here my friend,

No one knows you better than your own true self.

47 thoughts on “The paradox mindset

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  1. Well written and thanks for sharing!… one needs to be true to oneself as one can only find happiness within oneself… πŸ™‚

    β€œThe only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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      1. I absolutely was, it has always been one of my favorite scriptures. I think it’s a great one to show how we are born with a conscience and even a child not given any moral training has one and can develop it one way or another.

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  2. I’m glad I dropped by on yours here. Happiness is something you come to realize must come from ‘within’. It is not conditional upon circumstances and other people. When you have a relationship with someone ‘higher’ than yourself. Suddenly there is a tremendous shift. Thoughts, feelings all things then have a higher purpose. Just a thought. Blessings!

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  3. I have the higher self
    Searched for it all my life
    and not found
    i am responsible for it
    even if it just means an idea

    My thoughts have no conscience
    about the tool of words
    Words spoken
    and written
    belong to the world
    even if they are wrong
    not the author

    In addiction
    am i entangled
    with life
    the people
    and things

    I have a tongue like a sieve today
    as a child i was afraid to say something

    my heart doesn’t believe
    it beats higher when something is right
    or with all evil

    The doubt in me
    don’t want to submit
    although it is often confusing
    but better than thinking the wrong thing
    even worse to do it too

    the memories allow themselves
    without asking me
    me painful of my failure
    to remember my spoiled
    they are not delusional to me
    my past becomes real to me

    I have many faces
    it’s not bold if I want to lie
    it is a detour for me
    because the truth through an event
    would be hard to bear for others
    so I say something else
    and carry my shadow to myself alone

    My soul is not fooled by me
    she reminds me of all my crimes
    Honesty, loyalty and love are concepts
    walking sticks are the law
    the one soul
    which no one commits morality
    full of speech
    is and can be circumvented

    Nobody knows the truth
    every person
    can try the better

    I can force my mind to be stupid myself

    The power that I’m at the mercy of
    presses the words out of my mouth with the torture
    my core does not get an external power in his hand

    My decisions
    always have two sides
    their effect
    after the fact
    I no longer have it in my hand

    I am a simple person
    I would lie
    if I would argue
    that I can and could live carefree
    my reality is different

    I am not the master of my house
    in the first place I put my soul
    what is important to the majority of people
    – I am always different from the others
    I don’t know

    my life
    whether stable or not
    – I don’t have to wear other people’s colors
    my life is a gift to me

    I know
    and don’t recognize me yet
    – I practice new insights
    on me every day

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