Lost in the shadows of my past

Each one of us have felt that cold feeling at least once in our life,

the thought that makes our body shiver

and leaves us with sleepless never ending nights.

When we sit idle for hours, our brain starts to stimulate the past records of our memories which are diluted in the horrors of shame, heartbreaks, regrets and failures. Things that we use to evade seems to surround us when we’re alone.

How ironic the fact is when we state that we know the world and yet we remain a mystery to ourselves.

When we’re up till midnight thinking about our past that we could’ve changed, a part of us that keeps reciting the same page of the same chapter everyday, coming to the same conclusion and for what ? Just to make sure we’re precise about our decision to be true?

Holding onto something for long becomes a habit and we feel like we’re heading right. But then my friend, what we’re seeing is the mirage of a bliss that is covered with pretty ribbons of fantasies. Even if we could untangle some, we’ll always end up winding our hands in it.

Remember there’s a lesson in everything, the nights that left us trembled made us to stay stable till morning. And the horrors that haunted us in our dreams made us stronger enough to fight back.

So tell me one thing, are the agitations of our past going to stop us from being ahead? Are they going to steal our thunder everytime? Apparently not, so why agonize about the past that we’ve left behind and why not cherish the future that is full of surprises?

“For the wise, the nobility lies in the heart with the clear conscience”

And just incase when we’re lost again, remember to stop being helpless and to stand up straight because

We deserve the best,

We deserve to be the better version of ourselves.

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