Who am I to you?

When you’re up all night texting me

“don’t go to bed just stay a bit.”

And then you drive me like crazy

with your unbelievable lame excuses

Who am I to you?

When you get choked in your own pile of grudges

And then you need me for consoling

“The world isn’t fair my dear, can I keep you holding?”

Who am I to you?

Just tell me, in one breath, the truth I need to hear

“You’re always there for me, you’re a good person”

Is that all? What do you mean?

Who am I to you?

When you’re always in a haste

Wanting me to chase you everytime, without thinking

Wandering in the dark, hurdling all the way and running for what?

You don’t even have shame!

Who am I to you?

I’m tired of confronting

I guess, I leave you here

Cause fighting for you is way too pathetic

For someone so stubborn and halfwit

Always clustering the odds and jumping in pits

I can’t handle any longer

I think, I’m more matured than this

Who am I to you?

I drop the case here my friend,

Cause some candles just lit another

While some burn others to ash.

– Shubhangi Rawat

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