My happy place

There’s a place near my house where I use to go as a child

Its serenity and beauty is what I really like

I reminisce the rigidity of the huge tall trees

The aroma of the lush green grass

And the dew touching my finger tips

This is my usual place where I love to be

The fragrance of flowers keeps my soul at ease

And as I lay down on the ground and look high

I get lost in the exquisite colors of the sky

Oh I wonder,

How fascinatedly they move from blue to white

The weather here changes briskly

Sometimes it’s snowy and sometimes it’s windy

Specially at night, the stars are so gleaming

I always stop by and just keep gazing

This view, this breeze keeps me mesmerizing

Among the mountains when the sun is rising,

Ah, It’s so bright and rejuvenating!

Nothing can compare this beauty, nor can replace

Everytime when I’m back here,

I’m captivated by this heavenly place.

– Shubhangi Rawat

70 thoughts on “My happy place

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      1. My happy place lives only in my mind now that I am bedridden. I like reading posts like yours so I can steal your images and the way your words describe the place so I, too can close my eyes and be in a different place for awhile. If I could go somewhere, I would go to Nova Scotia, Canada and walk along the beach with the ocean air kissing my skin. xo

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