In your dreams

Here I am once more

Which place is this you tell?

Ah, this illusion I can remember

So I’m in your head

Filled with darkness and guilty conscience

Here the walls are so high,

Made up of vengeance and

Pretty little lies

I can see

This is the same street,

The same era and the same stream

Nothing’s changed much,

This is the same you and the same me

The same eyes you fell in love with,

The heart you once betrayed

Oh! Tell me, what a misery is this

That a fox is hiding in a sheep’s face

How melodramatic this story is,

The one who’s a maniac is now a saint

Let me see how far you can run,

When you’re always surrounded by my silhouette

So now you’re dwelling in the past

Chased by my voice,

Chained by my thoughts

And then you wake up at night

Drowning in horror you scream

“You know I’m back again

And I still haunt you in your dreams”

– Shubhangi Rawat


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