Can you go through?

All these strands of memories here are clashing,

One after the other they’re emerging

Narrating you different stories,

Of times when I was young

This subtle image of a girl

So naive, so timid,

Somewhere lost in her own little world

She must be clenching onto something

Or chasing the mirage of her fantasies

She must be working hard and not complaining,

Just scrutinizing her surroundings

You’ll meet her there, my alter ego

The one with the hideous demeanour, not fragile

More valiant as compare to other vibes

As some may say I’m so fierce,

Luminous enough to blind your eyes

Yet you’re here,

In my isolated world that no one dares to enter

Incarnating my soul and drifting this darkness

As if my prayers have come to existence

Such little moments cached in my mind palace

Some are contrasting while some are effervescent

And beneath all my struggles, wayward thoughts

And blurry visions from distant past

Here lie my secrets, my stories and my scars

That I’ve been disguising from you my dear

Concealing them in my heart for all these years

-Shubhangi Rawat

29 thoughts on “Decipher

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  1. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie
    La mélodie du cœur
    Celle que l’on entend qu’une fois et qui nous transporte si loin
    Au delà des nuages et au delà des paysages
    La mélodie du cœur ne s’invente pas elle s’écoute
    Elle est si belle
    La mélodie du cœur
    Elle nous transporte, fait pousser des ailes d’anges dans le dos
    Qu’elle te transporte au paradis là ou tout est éternel
    Que ce weekend à venir soit une explosion de bonheur avec tes proches
    Bonne journée ou belle soirée
    gros bisous

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