The Woman

She’s the one you can’t tame

A fortress you can’t conquer

She’s fierce like fire

Always ready to unravel

Her voice makes you go nostalgic

Not many may know,

There’s a mild scent of mystery

Hidden in her cologne

She’s the captain of her own ship,

Sailing across the ocean of her mystical mind

She’s a mother, a daughter, a sister

The one you always find standing by your side

And when you look into her enamoring eyes

There’s a ray of hope on the verge of light

Who is she?

So alluring, so determined

What makes her so conspicuous?

What makes her to shine so bright?

I’ve seen people envy her

I’ve seen them grinding teeths

Those hideous conspiring eyes

Staring at her, are hard to deal with

And if they ever try to drag her down

She’ll find a way

As she’s so fixated on what she wants

She’ll rise again

She’s the woman with many talents

She’s the woman you admire

The one with the will

And the one with the desire,

To change, to evolve and to stand still in the storm

She does not fear the dark or the thunder

She’s the one to break all the norms

Such dauntless women are living among us

Working, struggling and weaving the threads of love

And when you’ll be in trouble

She’ll be your knight in shinning armour

Women like her with brave hearts,

Are ferocious fighters

There’s so much to learn from her

She’s such an inspiration,

She’s my idol

– Shubhangi Rawat

63 thoughts on “The Woman

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  1. So wonderfully, beautifully and fiercely written words. She is definitely a magnificent fortress and Quran also refers woman as β€˜Mohsina’ or the fortress against evil. The envious and evil ones may subdue her for a while but she will rise again for she is so alluring and determined. Best wishes n tysm for following. πŸ’πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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