If I could be your paradise

You’ll never be the one in pain

I’ll walk with you, hold you tight

Even when you’re down on your luck,

I’ll never let you go,

Never let you have the taste of sorrow

My hands are numb,

But they’ll always wrap you

Make you feel warm

If I could be your paradise,

I’ll be your home, your one true love

You’re my bird that’s meant to touch the sky

Why you’ve leashed yourself in a desolated abyss?

Let me try, let me fight

I’ll lure your demons away

Let me bring you back to sublimity

Let me spoil you in every beautiful way

You can cry, yes you can

I’ll be your shoulder, your savior

If I could be your paradise

I’ll give you million reasons to smile

Even if it takes me years or decades to reach you

I’ll still fall in the depths of your dark side,

Only to pull you back up,

And to fill your heart with happiness and love

If I could be your paradise

I’ll paint the world with the colors of your dreams,

And will make this place a heavenly bliss

Even when you feel like giving up

I’ll never make you leave,

Promise to lead you back home

Only if you’re willing to believe

If I could be your paradise,

“Your only paradise”

– Shubhangi Rawat

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