Oh, tell me what it’s like

Love? I’ve never been there

How does it make you feel?

Is it like spring, like cherry blossoms?

Or the warm summer wind,

Soothing, like the shade of the enormous trees

Or slightly sweet and sour like the taste of the tamarind

What makes your heart skip a beat?

What makes your soul feel at ease?

This love you say is enchanting,

Is it a spell someone casted?

Why you care so much?

Why you feel so delighted?

Ah, I envy you

Cause you are drowned in the spectrum of love

As for me, I’m blind

To perceive the world in contrast of black and grey

As this heart is frozen for decades,

Encrypted and more twisted in different ways

What makes you so chirpy?

Is this love that keeps you holding?

How does one finds it?

I heard it changes you,

I heard it gives you meaning

Does it happen to the person who is broken?

What about those who’ve gone so far?

Or those who’ve lost everything

Will they ever return from this shallow dark?

This love you say is empowering

Powerful enough to uplift you, make you stronger

It’s like the ethereal colors are magnificently poured

And portrayed on the plain white canvas

What’s the beauty of this feeling?

Why people try to clench

Even if it’s a little ray of hope

Why love is so warm and compassionate

Over the emotions of hate, betrayal and sorrow

So tell me,

Is love enough to domineer the storms of dispair,

Enough to break the chains of pessimism

Enough to draw my insecurities away?

Is love worth the wait

Or is just a mere fantasy of one day

So now I’m out in the world holding my heart

In the world full of infinite possibilities,

Hoping for something new

So tell me,

Can I trust on my fallen stars?

Or on my instincts that drags me back,

Back towards this feeling

Back towards you

– Shubhangi Rawat

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