I seek more

I seek for loyalty in a world that is drunk in fetish desires

I seek for water in a desert that’s set on fire

What can I seek more

I’m on a journey

And my destination is unknown

I’ve seen the good in people

And the worst they can do

I’ve seen them living the dreams of others

Ah, so naive like me and you

In this materialistic world,

I seek for love that’s baricated beneath the heavy crust

Unreachable, far gone, left with shallow vision and hidden lust

What can I seek more

In a place where time controls the mind

Where reality and dreams never collide

I seek for divine; Purity

In an illusion set by the strings of fate

This destiny is a treasure you cannot possess

Yet you try and fail

What can I seek more

Here the days and nights aren’t stable

Here people come, stay and go

To search my purpose in this universe

I need to seek and learn more

Till the day when all my struggles and triumphs

will become the reality I own

– Shubhangi Rawat

34 thoughts on “I seek more

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  1. Amazing words and thoughts shared. I believe we must slow down our world. Everybody wants everything in a New York minute. Someone wise once wrote. “Do at least one thing daily you enjoy. Slow down your world and seek some joy in our messy world.”

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  2. WOW. This is really great. Nice use of vocabulary. But ow would like to add that we have been seeking for one thing after the other since the beginning of the timeline.We never stopped to keep on seeking. And you have stated β€œI’ve seen the good in people
    And the worst they can do”. Well as i believe we all are bad in someone’s story. And we all are good in someone’s story. There is no one out there who is completely dusted or completely pure. We all have a worst of our selves that can be.
    Really good writing. Looking for more. And here is something i can add my own.
    Check it out.

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