The Man I Adore

He’s not perfect but he’s smart:

Quite a gentleman with sanity

And the way he presents himself,

With a warm smile on his charismatic demeanour

Makes me wonder,

How can a man possess such ability?

And when you look at him

There’s a vision in his eyes,

And a pride in his sophisticated style

He’s not perfect but he’s a thinker

Just like the serene moonlight

He’s the sky of wisdom

Wearing the fabric of etiquettes

Like the divine from heaven,

Enlightening his surroundings with happiness

And like I said,

He’s not perfect but he’s smart

Not many may get a version of him

And I don’t blame them

As he carries grace in his words,

My dear,

He’s an intellect with a sense of elegance

And the wisest among the elite class

He’s not a prince charming

With a crown or a majestic castle

Neither will he fancy you with his sweet words

Nor lure you with seduction

But the way he naturally expresses himself,

I must admit, he do gets all the ladies’ attention

He has a heart of a child,

And that sharp mind of his always racing with time

His thoughts are secluded from others

But he knows how to act right

One day I’ll meet him,

And when I do

I’ll mention his name

With respect,

And like I said before

He’s not perfect but he’s smart

And always will be,

The man I adore the most in my heart

– Shubhangi Rawat

48 thoughts on “The Man I Adore

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  1. The man is a silent bearer of things unsaid
    Never letting the words betray
    what lies deep in his heart

    He has the finesse of a deft hand
    and a burning intellect
    that is seen
    in his smouldering eyes

    He is smart and carries himself with aplomb
    and yet deep inside
    he is as clueless
    as a child could be

    he waits for that woman
    in whose eyes
    is the answer to that question
    stirring deep within his soul

    The time flows by and he sees
    that being different is not appreciated
    rather punished in so many ways

    He sits alone and watches the
    twilight of life descending upon him
    day by day

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