The Man I Adore

He’s not perfect but he’s smart:

Quite a gentleman with sanity

And the way he presents himself,

With a warm smile on his charismatic demeanour

Makes me wonder,

How can a man possess such ability?

And when you look at him

There’s a vision in his eyes,

And a pride in his sophisticated style

He’s not perfect but he’s a thinker

Just like the serene moonlight

He’s the sky of wisdom

Wearing the fabric of etiquettes

Like the divine from heaven,

Enlightening his surroundings with happiness

And like I said,

He’s not perfect but he’s smart

Not many may get a version of him

And I don’t blame them

As he carries grace in his words,

My dear,

He’s an intellect with a sense of elegance

And the wisest among the elite class

He’s not a prince charming

With a crown or a majestic castle

Neither will he fancy you with his sweet words

Nor lure you with seduction

But the way he naturally expresses himself,

I must admit, he do gets all the ladies’ attention

He has a heart of a child,

And that sharp mind of his always racing with time

His thoughts are secluded from others

But he knows how to act right

One day I’ll meet him,

And when I do

I’ll mention his name

With respect,

And like I said before

He’s not perfect but he’s smart

And always will be,

The man I adore the most in my heart

– Shubhangi Rawat

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