Phase II (Confrontation)

My friend, this world remains an esoteric mystery on the surface; only comprehended by the observer in the depth of his thoughts.

Reality has been bothering me in every aspect whether it’s a song by a lover or the averted gaze of my fellow companions. There’s always something that triggers my emotional state, leaves me speechless with provocative judgmental thoughts.

This is it.

For how long can I stretch?

For how long can I keep myself standing up when I clearly know that there is no ounce of strength in my body left.

Am I just pushing myself into the oblivion again?

For years I’ve trained myself to always keep a track of my emotions; situations that instigate my aggression or put me in a vulnerable state, must be avoided at all cost.

These complex emotions have tricked me into narrow passages that had led me down the void lane of false hope and kept me in dilemma.

But what can I do? Whom can I trust?

All I see masked faces everywhere. The trust that I had in some of my people, is now faded away. The innocent ones have fooled me and the wisest have already manipulated me.

They called me stubborn cause I repelled them. They failed in controlling me. And now, they’re standing afar, somewhere in the corner planning to gain my loyalty back by their superficial gestures.

And that’s when it becomes obvious to me- In the gaps of their false statements, there’s a sense of betrayal hidden in their silence. I find that such people are deceptive and are never reliable. So, I’ve kept myself distant and I’m patiently observing things.

As I’m a learner now and this world is an open book to me with different faces, different lives and different stories.

And so far, In this journey of life I’ve realised that this place will teach me many things and will prepare me for the worst. Some way or the other this world will challenge me.

And I, must always be ready.

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  1. I am also learning the same things ❀️… the world does indeed change you!!

    There is this saying β€œpeople enter your life as a lesson or a blessing”

    I keep the blessings… and learn from the lessons so it only makes you stronger. Don’t like going through the bad stuff but I am stronger because of it… my blessings add a balance to that and I know some people are kind, caring and honestly good hearted.

    I am also observant and cautious

    Felt every word you wrote. Nicely said! ✌️

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  2. One down side to our existence is that it can take a lifetime to get to know people. Meeting new people is as risky as taking a step out your front door. Normally, we get considerably less bold as we grow older. In my case, I’m actually bolder now that I’m older! Although I still consider myself an introvert, I’m no longer shy and easily ridiculed. That comes from a lifetime of being too trusting and too willing to please others.

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    1. I agree with you, adults usually suppress their emotions to themselves. As the older we get, the less we trust people.
      One must always have empathy towards others.
      And It’s good to have an optimistic personality. 😊

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    1. Yes, I do feel the same. The path we choose often leads to one destination.
      But through which medium we travel and complete this journey; that particular choice, only depends upon us.


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