Treacherous lover

Here the flames are dancing in the midst of fire

The moon is singing a lullaby

Somewhere in this silence

You’ll hear a lover’s cry

There’s turmoil of emotions with a sound of grief

He has his own rigid myths that he believes,

Thinking about those exquisite memories

When he dreams of her every night

Thou shall not have sympathy for a man

Who’s dipped in darkness

Had let madness baffled his mind

He’s drunk and drowning

Fooling and losing

Dreaming to be with his lover in paradise

The Lord once heard his prayers

Gave him ample of good fortune

But here, not all senators are wise

Not all coins are gold

He got biased and profane

Dug the grave for many

And then, consumed his lover’s soul

He became greedy,

Quite desperate for everything that he got

Blinded by the desires

Toxicated by his thoughts

There’s a glimpse of hatred in his eyes

He’s left with nothing but only remorse

And now, he’s again plotting and dwelling

Drowning himself in memories

Thinking about the old times

When he was with his lover

Living in a fool’s paradise

-Shubhangi Rawat

36 thoughts on “Treacherous lover

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  1. Quite a unique dark post I must say, a lesson. I feel like this post of yours resonates with the song “Dance With The Devil by Immortal Technique”. Though the one-to-one relation is quite different in both perspectives. Keep up the amazing work Shubhi!!

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  2. When we lose our way and get off the straight side, love tends to melt and lose its shine. The difficult thing is to get it back.
    Opportunities must be seized. We make us lose ourselves with our behavior.
    I really liked your poem. It leaves us a message that we must take into account.

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    1. We, humans are just like this-
      holding onto something and at the next moment letting it go. In life, our choices do change with time but the thing that matters the most is our attitude and actions towards each other.

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