What is this? Where am I?

These shimmering lights

Are parching my eyes

Shut it! pull the blinds down!

I can barely walk but I’ve to try

I cannot see what stands before me

Is someone really here?

Or is it just another nightmare

I feel distraughted, strangled by these chains

It keeps pulling me

Somewhere deeper and deeper in this rough terrain

In these empty streets

I see no one,

There’s an absolute silence

But why this emptiness is piercing my shallow heart?

Why am I being so paranoid?

Why am I still lost?

I’m losing my conscious

Seems like this darkness will consume everything

There’s no escape,

I’m trapped beneath the burden of my own deeds

Yet I keep scavenging the surface

I still see no one here,

Just some baffling voices inside my head

Have I gone too far?

There’s a web of my thoughts

That I cannot evade

And some contradicting statements

No one is here except me

Only I, can and will have this scrutiny

Either to fight my demons or set them free

This shall be my nemesis; alter reflection

That I’ve to fight everyday

Whether it’s the scorching heat or the dead cold wave

This time, I cannot run away

And who knows, maybe one day I will outgrew her

One day, I surely will

-Shubhangi Rawat

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