Vintage Romance


I’m not too fond of these alluring exhibits

But you’re the divine; an art to my dark soul

And I’m your artist

Intriguingly waiting to explore

As I vaguely hold my brush

And lay the palette on the floor

Swaying it in all strokes

In every possible combination

That are pleasing to my eyes

It’s the portrait of you that I’ve sculpted

A little vibrant and intensified

Can you feel the passion?

It’s so pure and exhilarating

You’re charming in each shade and every color

Just like the vintage contour of early summer

You make this artist quest for more

To draw and preserve this art of you

To keep your glimpses as a souvenir, to adore

My dear, you’re the only masterpiece

Yet you remain unaware of it

Here some colours will enhance

But some may fade

You’re the origin of my romance

Don’t you ever let yourself detached

To anything that you deserve and you crave

You are your own style

“The crimson roses on sapphire”

On this subliminal array of the contrasting blue

To my lover of one day

I, hereby recite before you

“You’re perfect yet the imperfect incarnation

Of what I truly desired and dreamt-

No more; no less”

-Shubhangi Rawat

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