Renaissance of peace

Peace is attaining the gnostic wisdom of the human mind; when you decrypt the complexity of a thought and read between the lines.

Where is this desirable peace?

Well, peace is just a notion fabricated by the jewels of aesthetic pleasures that you find assuring. It never settles at a point, rather it fluctuates with the course of time. It chooses its own meaning and keeps changing according to your desires.

Why do you think too much?

Is there someone out there who exactly feel the same as you do?

But with whom can you share your problems with-

Friends? Family?


There are some thoughts that only bury within you; your deepest darkest desires. You try to evade the fact of being judged because you don’t want to be vulnerable again. You prefer escapism to confrontation. So, you feel concealing them is the best choice.

Gradually you become insatiable. Normal seems boring to you. You start feeling agitated. Your perception seems to diverge its meaning.

You become impatient.

Very impatient.

You feel people are always monitoring your every move. In fact, you start questioning your own thoughts.

This cycle of insecurities that you build for yourself starts invading your mental health. And that’s when you cluster yourself with trivialites.

This is a common phenomenon in my generation and I’m not astonish to hear when some of them say-

“No need to worry. It will pass.”

They believe they’re at denial and will suppress this feeling with the passing time. But do they ever get over with this phase?

They chase after a fantasy that one day they’ll be at ease with their thoughts and will feel complete.

But hope work both ways. Either it makes you to work rationally or turns you into a lousy thinker.

Avoiding the situation seems easy. You don’t want to challenge the odds so you reciprocate like other fellow beings by keeping yourself occupied with small goals and achieve it on a daily basis. Whether it’s through a song you hear, the short walks you take or doing chores that you’re passionate about.

But things never change and there’s nothing you could do about it. You cannot sulk in the corner. You cannot hide your tears and keep swallowing such emotions day by day.

To understand oneself- it’s good to have those late night Ted talks with yourself but avoid having those tedious conversation where you start exhorting harsh emotions. Dwelling on past situations and thinking of fictional scenarios in your head that’ll never occur is just too beside the mark. Also, to let someone intrude your privacy is not a persuasive step to be taken at the moment.

Peace never coexist with chaos.

What I’m implying here is the search for the peace we all crave for. A specific feeling which erodes the layers of different versions of emptiness.

Nothing will ever bring you harmony until you’re over with your unread emotions and incomplete chapters of your life that you left behind willingly.

This is the time when you rephrase the meaning of peace in your life.

And the choice is yours, either by letting go or by staying at your point.

80 thoughts on “Renaissance of peace

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  1. Well expressed…
    Yes…an ostrich like attitude ..hiding from the truth..being in denial..won’t get us lasting peace…the problem will keep raising head time and again has to be faced and settled for ever….not easy but the best way out…face it ..finish it .

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    1. Indeed, facing the problems and adapting ourselves according to the changing situations in life gives us a broader perspective on how to live our life properly.
      Thanks for dropping by. 😊


  2. Thank you for this beautiful writing😊 Yeah, you are right, we cannot ignore our problems forever and if we do not solve them, they will continue to haunt us in other phases of our lives. Though it is hard (for me as well), we should pluck up our courage and be ready to fight our problems to ensure peace in ourselves.

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  3. Do not accept life as people propose to you. Don’t stop convincing yourself that life could be more beautiful; yours and others’; no other, future life that would comfort us and help us accept his misery. Do not accept. From the day you begin to understand that it is not God, but people who are responsible for almost all the misfortunes of life, you will not resign yourself.

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  4. Peace. Such a great topic considering the current pandemic. For me, true Peace is felt when I am closely tethered to my Creator. Thanks for an insightful and thoughtful post.

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  5. i stumbled upon your site just as my thoughts were wandering here and there finding the sole purpose to write blogs pushing off the desires to earn money and get wound by the roots of all devils;money. you are inspirational. it would be very kind if you reply . the beauty of presentation is untouchable. i would rather explore websites than to comment any larger. do pay a visit to my newbie and suggest me to do anything that i should and i can Do. thank you di (indian behind the mask, thats what i am).

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