At Arm’s Length

In this arduous nexus

Only the thoughts remain impregnable; not captive

The mind is distant from those atrocious people

Who are stampeding towards the same exit

And like always,

Some will throw a fit

They’ll start feeding you their dirty secrets

Till your intuitions become unclear

Forcing you to retreat in a bemusing dilemma

As they’re swallowed by the shade of this known fear-

That one day,

You’ll see through their every move

Just when they’re about to come near,

They’re compelled to withdraw

Oh, they never improve!

You think that someday they’ll learn,

which they never do

Again barging the line?

It’s time to put an end to this truce

Domination is their prime weapon,

In which they’re flawlessly great at

A witty style to encounter your opponent

In my terms, it’s a weak act

You may defy the rules of many

And even go against the flow

They’re all nonchalant beings

Coverting a mutiny

They don’t like you to lead, but only follow

And if they ever manage

To bring this wrath of destruction upon you,

Uncover those masks first

They can be a pseudo-friend

Or a presumptuous enemy

Do prepare yourself for the worst


They will join along the way

But sooner or later your path will diverge

Make facts your alibi

Outwit their each attack

Keep such persuaders at arm’s length

Cause when the truth is prevailed

They all will surrender to your strength

Till then,

You keep fighting back


– Shubhangi Rawat

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