Prisoner of Hades

Maybe I’m a mannequin immersed in this seamless time

Or an ace ahead of many

Living in a monochrome of darkness

I see a gleam of light through the crevice

It’s been a day, a month or an year

I’ve lost count

As I’m shackled to the corner by the heavy harness

I infer through my peripheral vision

Walls rendering dark graffiti

What a race of fellow beings with no ambition

Just cowards who subdue one another;

No righteous, no brave

Sometimes, I’m invisible to them

“A pebble near the shore”

Waiting for the next wave

What’s after this discreet pattern?

In a certain direction,

Where all the mighty sail

Should I take a leap forth?

All my life I’ve been selfish

For inflicting such opinions on me

As where I stand today

In a remote place that is forbidden

To the ones who lack moral integrity

This mind is the abstract of Hades

Looking through the prism of heaven

In here, I’m just a prisoner

And this perplexing thought, is my only warden

-Shubhangi Rawat

49 thoughts on “Prisoner of Hades

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  1. Beautiful imagery. “Looking through the prism of heaven,” you give us a profound vision of where humanity stands today “in a monochrome of darkness.” Thanks for sharing your “gleam of light [seen] through the crevice” ❀

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