An Ode to My Sakura

I feel a sudden mild diversion in this breeze

Ruffling my hair

Enormous growth of these branches touching heights

Transient glow on the tips of the grass

Daffodils and dandelions floating on the azure sky

Piercing through my veins

A temptation that’s running wild,

Eagerly waiting for a familiar feeling

When I’ll know who you are and what you are like

Though, I’ve never seen your face

Never heard your voice

But I know you’re somewhere here

As, I’ve perceived the world from your side

I can feel every essence of it

The impenetrable happiness on your face

Like a lad; feet on this arid ground,

Eyes searching for something

With each step you take

There’s an adrenaline rush to reach on the top

To seize the moment

For a while, take a halt

This journey is just the beginning

Our paths will merge somewhere

And if it’s not the first time then it won’t be the last

We are destined to be together

You’re my reflection, just like I’m yours

Another winter gone

Spring is right around the corner

I’ll witness the contemplation of these seasons in order

For when the time comes, and flowers are on its bloom

I’ll revive my own words again

Just so I could recite this feeling

For my once in a blue moon

Let the arrival of these unsettling winds

Reminds me of your presence

The renewal of these leaves,

The sheer ambiguity of these merry petals

Spreading all over

Enlightening thousand lanterns of faith

Like a luminous celestial star

In this world full of strangers you are my home

My safe place, my better half

And one day, my love will find you

Wherever you are

Wherever you are

-Shubhangi Rawat

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