Epitome of Boredom

I’m standing at the magnitude of this core that seems to be an enigma to my common understanding. Here my mind is projecting repetitive errors and my past is reflecting a monotonous picture.

Whereas, at the nether of this stage I’ve acquired an irrational value of my perceptive side and as a seeker, simultaneously analysed it.

What is this boredom?

Now this is something rare-

It’s shredding the symmetrical edges of your mind, making you lose your composure. Like whatever you do, It won’t last and you’ll come back to the start eventually.

It’s an impediment: making you crave for something divergent. You’re deceived into thinking that it’s a semantic chain of events, to rewire and connect yourself to those old hobbies or habits again.

But there is either a path guiding you towards the right coordinates or an exaggeration of hysterical situations that were never a part of reality.

This boredom strikes every cell of your body, making you lose interest in almost everything. Suddenly the things that seems captivating are now dull, as if their pneuma is absorbed.

The rock-bottom of this is infinite. You are just here alone, being cynical to yourself.

Alas! Boredom spams at random intervals. It never comes beforehand with a warning. It’s a rapid fluctuation that occurs in daily events of your life.

Maybe that’s why it’s an unpredictable state of mind that comes to you as both; a blessing and a curse.

53 thoughts on “Epitome of Boredom

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      1. Haha true 😊
        Boredom gives you a fascinating experience and help you look on different perspectives. If one remains focused in this state, only then can they use this leisure time productively.

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  1. SMiLes Boredom
    Inspiring Moves
    Anxiety Relaxing
    In Repose Yes
    Us Tween
    In A Sweet
    Spot of
    Rise And
    Fall We Ride
    FRiEnDS With
    Gravity Water
    Whole Flow
    Dancing Singing
    Free Higher
    Out of
    Hurricane EyeπŸŒŠπŸ’«

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  2. I love how you elucidate on boredom in the most exquisite and eloquent way, as though a commodity so crucial.
    A very well-articulated narrative reflecting boredom in the most interesting way. Nice one!

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    1. You’re absolutely right. This concept of boredom is vast to comprehend. That’s why, for some it’s a good way to understand oneself, as for others it remains an unfathomable abyss.


    1. Boredom has many variations that depends on an individual abilities of pertaining a different perspective to get different results. But somehow, people feel agitated when they don’t know what to do exactly at the moment. To them, repetition of this phase is a waste of time, like a curse coming back and forth once in a while.


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