Face off

Back to square one-

I’m meditating in close proximity of this perennial battle

Between the mind and the heart

Here the version of love is incomprehensible

All my senses have semantically lost the track

I’m expanding the horizon of my rational judgment

This is my constant dilemma

I’m recklessly reviving the links to my heart,

My mind is being extreme repulsive

In dragging this fear of my weary past

I’m left with crippling anxiety,

And a stimulating addiction for my mind’s empathy

Here emotional outbursts is not my forte,

And conversing them at the right time

Remains a utopian desire

This is my formidable reality


I can contemplate from the scrap

Little by little, inch by inch

I cannot pick a side

Neither the mind nor the heart; as separate entity

Can give me composure

But here I am,

Hoping to get the zest from my intellectual exposure

I’m cryptically imitating my mind’s journal

By drafting my thoughts as words

And putting all the pieces of this jagged puzzle together

Yet, I’ve become destitute in this era of lovers

But I cannot do this, I refute to choose

As my heart is a slow learner, who immaculates my spirit

While my mind still considers my heart, a fool

-Shubhangi Rawat

71 thoughts on “Face off

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      1. Basically, when you prefer your mind to your heart, every action becomes calculative. You’re admired by your intellect and believes in following every move as planned. But the heart, it repels the perfect structure of your mindset, making you to question your strong emotions. Due to which, the ego of the mind steps in and try to sabotage the perplexed feelings. As, the mind hates to lose while the heart wants to pursue towards an unknown destination.
        I’ve used words and phrases to capture the fluctuating sentiment.

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  1. Very well expressed…the battle between n mind is maybe as old as the humanity itself…the two are hardly in sync…generally pulling in opposite directions…you follow one and the other gets distressed…it is a fine balance we all try to create ..some succeed…most fail..
    Stay blessed πŸ™πŸ˜‡

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  2. I let
    think the mind freely
    I let
    of reason
    the free run
    I try not to stop the storm of feelings
    the sensations
    all senses
    the search
    according to reality
    the attempt
    the subjective moment
    to understand
    inside and outside
    my heart beats very softly
    I go to school every day
    the soul gives me the task
    in a dream

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    1. In war there are always casualties, I cannot comment on who wins but one thing will be lost and that is humanity.
      Living in a pandemic era, hope is the only thing that immaculates our thoughts with optimism.


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