City Dwellers

This is a dreamer’s euphoria: a sea of colorful neon lights illuminating the night sky. The dazzling LED projections are enhancing the steel and concrete structures, submerging the aesthetic view of the tall skyscraper. Here, the elevation secludes you from the realm of basics. The echo of the boisterous crowd with the traffic hurdle makes an illusion looks real, a bemusing feeling: distant and artifical to the context.

This is the city we live in-

Here you work hard day and night just so you could make this life potential and worthy to the approval of others. You dwell on the idea of your pristine existence and then let such mundane thoughts get in between of your daily crisis.

You get drunk, wasted and seek pleasures in broken places.

Reality? Well it starts to mock back at your face, you get surrounded by the clouds of regret, cry on the ashes of your pretentious bliss and feel agitated on being abandoned by people you think highly of.

You’re tremendously losing the essence in your relationships and now, you’ve become desperate even for a slight glimpse of warmth that comes in your way.

Your mind keeps rattling in this intangible conflicting timeline, either to search for someone who is willing to converse with your silence or you’re just eager to find an escape route from this chaos. And when you stumble down from your ‘ideal perception’ you become capricious about the red flags that caused you to reckon on your negligence.

You’re tormented by the bitterness of betrayal. You’re spreading it like wildfire, burning everything that comes within its radius.

But nobody can reach you. As patience remains inversely proportional to your comprehension. And disguising your true self becomes the only defense mechanism against the threat of being termed as an “emotional idiot”.

This is reality, my friend. Here everyone carries a broken heart and adapts a narcissistic approach. They acknowledge themselves as a highly remarkable person. Too bad, this deception won’t bring an end to the darkness that prey on their fears.

How can you intricate the basic difference between the right and the wrong, when you have already become a walking impassive person who is disparaging others with dominance.

When you become the victim of your own choices, you set yourself on a path that is far beyond from healing and before you try to retrospect what’s happening, you’ve already turned into a nocturnal being who’s wandering in these ravaged streets with empty people, carrying a baggage of your shattered hopes.

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  1. This is so deep… So perfectly done… Love this line-You get drunk, wasted and seek pleasures in broken places….

    You wrote a very good perspective.we all seek pleasure in broken places in unrepairable situations. Keep blogging and keep up the good work πŸ™‚βœŒ

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  2. So True Yet
    So Sad How
    The Dreams
    Of The Big


    Skin Off A Soul

    And Leave

    All That’s



    Is Real And Still
    Naked In A Garden



    For Real

    Named Love

    On Earth It Has
    Empty Pockets
    No Material Power And


    Tall As Stars
    In Sky Low High

    Indeed Naked
    In The Forest
    With Wings


    Fur Somedays

    Still Accompanied
    By Naked




    With Love
    To Give And Share
    Free Caring With Least


    For All

    Oh Did i Have
    To Fall Off A Ladder
    A Skyscraper So High
    Of Illusional Western




    Find The

    Same Eden
    Heaven Then
    Down Here Now

    Naked Free Love For Real🏝

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      1. SMiLes Shubhi
        Never Lived In
        A Skyscraper Big

        City Yet

        i’ve Felt
        Of Soul From

        Those Who Have Or
        Do Sadly For Others

        It Seems Like
        They Are A Frog

        On Slow


        No Reference
        Point At All For

        Less Heat Of Hell

        On Earth Resort to Share πŸŒƒ

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  3. I don’t agree that everyone is Narcissistic. This dark timeline and most religions set up everyone on it to fail, be interfered with etc as it keeps people in economic slavery, disconnected from Source and separate from the truth that we are ALL ONE. The separation, enemy, racism, economic slavery distorts all relationships….with self and others. Once the new light timeline is in place, then we are reconnected to Source, each other, abundance and our divine design.

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    1. I like your brilliant perspective. You’re right.
      That’s why I’ve written “Here everyone carries a broken heart and adapts a narcissistic approach”.
      I used the word “Here” to define that state of mind that mostly people have (who are unaware of their own identity and are tangled in the ideas and well constructed beliefs of this society).

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      1. The dark has done a great job with their propaganda in most religions, education, science, business, all social structure, mind control, on and on. So I don’t put it on humans themselves for being misguided. That is the work and weaponry of the dark. Once the new timeline succeeds, all that will change.

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      2. I agree, humans from an early age are moulded and brainwashed to follow and believe the rigid norms of a particular community. And they’re so smartly manipulated that they fail to break such a complex cycle.
        But one can hope for the best days to come.
        There will always be some distinctive personalities who break such cycle and are not afraid to be themselves.

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