Madam, I pen down my words from the depths of my intrusive thoughts, and here I'm confronted at the front by this propelling question; Whether am I driven by logic or by desires? The truth of my existence does not lie in finding answers that propagates from stems of crucial situations that I have survived... Continue Reading →

恋 の 予感

Is this premonition of love that I've witnessed? I A man whose heart remains scathed As he recapitulates his serenade On his never ending voyage of new horizons Resurrecting those last words his lover said In between the rhythm of his heartbeats Where she remained, Midst the verses of his songs II Beside him, an... Continue Reading →


I was a child when Ma first introduced me to chess- with 32 pieces and 64 symmetrical squares, it was not only a majestic black and white board but also a stratagem of infinite possibilities of winning. But what truly intrigued me is the probable hypothesis of each and every piece on the board: from... Continue Reading →

Miss me, my darling

Mon amour, my darling, Am I a sudden interruption in a moment? When I catch you gazing at this antique heart You said I am a curator of your museum Perhaps, a dialect of this compelling language, Where I discerned your tears and felt your scars My thoughts are on demarcation, My drafts are pretty... Continue Reading →


What makes a man search for meaning? Purpose What makes a woman pursue her heart? Love What makes a stoic person be a realist? Wisdom What makes a little boy persistent in his art? Passion Why is time dominant and intriguing? Unpredictability What makes a witness to have audacity to lie? Fear What makes the... Continue Reading →

A Traveller’s Journal: North

(30.4598° N, 78.0644° E) I've arrived in the city of solitude I've left the four walls of my sheltered existence And now I proceed, in search for an inarticulating desire To learn something new on this high altitude I'm constantly challenging myself- Moving towards the steep hill, Crossing few yards of the lychee orchard There... Continue Reading →

A Dubious Encounter

I was expecting your arrival. Why have you summoned me? I wanted to see your progress. Ah, the perfect reunion "The wise sage and her vicious half!" In a certain way you seem to despise me, may I know why? Should I be envious of you? Oh please, you cannot outwit me with your calm... Continue Reading →

A Traveller’s Journal: South

(11.6234° N, 92.7265° E) Away from the daily hassle, I've arrived on this island surrounded by the hues of midsummer I've got a notebook in my hand, And the list? Rest assured I've cross-checked, I'm off towards a new destination With my camera and a fancy backpack My mind is enthralled By my desire to... Continue Reading →

City Dwellers

This is a dreamer's euphoria: a sea of colorful neon lights illuminating the night sky. The dazzling LED projections are enhancing the steel and concrete structures, submerging the aesthetic view of the tall skyscraper. Here, the elevation secludes you from the realm of basics. The echo of the boisterous crowd with the traffic hurdle makes... Continue Reading →

The Little Girl

Nostalgia hit me again When I reminisce a short glimpse of that moment Archived somewhere in my memory lane That's what my old man said- "There's a little girl and her meticulous mind Always in a daze, Leaving me with dozens of questions from time to time" Some may say, My metaphors are a resemblance... Continue Reading →

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