What a paradoxical fall! Here the bleak and blustery nights Are drenched in this thought In this charade of a bliss You carry the attire of deception Always chanting for an electrifying connection When your lips touch another No warmth Just a never ending emptiness to bear One after the other Days passes by, This... Continue Reading →

Yin and Yang

Drifting apart: The anatomy of my alter self Is cascading from a sheer height While I keep running Not looking around I reckon these voices articulating "Go away! Stand back!" So, I keep running On this bridge of happiness and sorrow There used to be a glimpse of my affection For those who've now left... Continue Reading →

World of Books

A section that's only visible to that voracious reader Who breathes in a whiff Cherishes the mild aroma of these books Left for quite a while on the shelves Waiting for someone to look A journey to attain the ability of perceiving, An expedition to infinite places Where one lives a thousand times Scrolling down,... Continue Reading →

At Arm’s Length

In this arduous nexus Only the thoughts remain impregnable; not captive The mind is distant from those atrocious people Who are stampeding towards the same exit And like always, Some will throw a fit They'll start feeding you their dirty secrets Till your intuitions become unclear Forcing you to retreat in a bemusing dilemma As... Continue Reading →

Vintage Romance

Darling, I'm not too fond of these alluring exhibits But you're the divine; an art to my dark soul And I'm your artist Intriguingly waiting to explore As I vaguely hold my brush And lay the palette on the floor Swaying it in all strokes In every possible combination That are pleasing to my eyes... Continue Reading →


What is this? Where am I? These shimmering lights Are parching my eyes Shut it! pull the blinds down! I can barely walk but I've to try I cannot see what stands before me Is someone really here? Or is it just another nightmare I feel distraughted, strangled by these chains It keeps pulling me... Continue Reading →

La Vie En Rose

Give your broken heart and soul to me I'll collect all the pieces that are left Bind them together as one From heaven to hell, I promise that I can Sway all these stern obstacles When you get lost among the crowd You don't know where to go Even how far you wander You'll come... Continue Reading →

Enticing Beauty

Is it the unfathomable mysteries of the sky Or the barren ground below my feet Is it the lucid dream of the poet Or the sunset on the horizon of the sea Not the face, my dear For something so evanescent and burried in layers But for once I need to hear, What's beauty and... Continue Reading →

Treacherous lover

Here the flames are dancing in the midst of fire The moon is singing a lullaby Somewhere in this silence You'll hear a lover's cry There's turmoil of emotions with a sound of grief He has his own rigid myths that he believes, Thinking about those exquisite memories When he dreams of her every night... Continue Reading →

The Man I Adore

He's not perfect but he's smart: Quite a gentleman with sanity And the way he presents himself, With a warm smile on his charismatic demeanour Makes me wonder, How can a man possess such ability? And when you look at him There's a vision in his eyes, And pride in his sophisticated style He's not... Continue Reading →

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