A Dubious Encounter

I was expecting your arrival.

Why have you summoned me?

I wanted to see your progress.

Ah, the perfect reunion “The wise sage and her vicious half!”

In a certain way you seem to despise me, may I know why?

Should I be envious of you? Oh please, you cannot outwit me with your calm stature.

Miss, I never mean to, we are entwined to each other, it’s my destiny to coexist beside you.

Hard to trust people these days? But it’s fun to see them dance to the tune of others. Oh, you know this better than me, we are on the same boat, aren’t we?

But you seem to condemn my intentions.

Your intentions? Ha! we sit with people who think like us. We talk with people who are an advantage to our interest and yet we claim to be the lone wolf. We are the “other people” but only in the eyes of our consciousness we are justified as saints.

True, we are the slaves and the kings of our own stories. But being stereotypically stubborn towards everything can bring no joy.

Joy? You are desperately alone. There is nothing that you can grasp till eternity. One day, it will end right here on the pile of your ashes.

I’m never alone miss, I’m not confined to this limited dimension. I’m in the unsettling winds, the infinite sky and the tranquility of the serene ocean. I’m the surge current of wisdom running through this mind. My thoughts are immortal.

Your abundant wit will make you irrational. You’ll always juggle in the vortex of multiple possibilities.

Even if I do, I’ve an astute intuition to tackle my possible threats. So these flaccid ideas are my alibis.

Thoughts are incredulous in nature, too much of it can make a person maniac!

Keeping them to yourself can make your mind a Pandora box.

Look around you my friend, this world is filled with parasites more intriguing than your little demons.

How coherently you’re affirmative of this world’s true color yet you remain completely unaware of your true potential.

I’m your parallel subconscious. I deduce the world through the spectacles of reality, and see filaments of distorted truth and inevitable suffering. I live on the side of this unprecedented darkness.

That is your side of the story. But there is more to that: like hope, compassion, determination and above all, empathy for our kind.

What you seek is harmony among the masquerade of devious monsters. You’ll never find peace here.

Why find it outside when one can manifest it from within. You see, one’s repertoire is not defined by the mediocrity of a community. It is defined by having a purpose and enlightenment of the spirit; not to oneself but to others as well.

Why bother to save others? Just save yourself.

I’ve rescued myself from the depths of hell and now I’m here to save you.

Don’t be naive, this world will swallow you the moment you show your vulnerability.

My dear spectator, if you’ve loved anyone or anything only then you’ll have the courage to risk it all.

Huh, I think love is an idiosyncrasy; a mirage of the human mind. Only a fool is subjugated to its deception.

Aren’t we all fools then?

Oh no my dear consultant, I’m clever.

We are two sides of the same coin.

And yet so different.

32 thoughts on “A Dubious Encounter

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  1. “There is nothing that you can grasp till eternity. One day, it will end right here on the pile of your ashes.”
    Sensing some glimpse of “nihilism” from this conversation.
    2nd person in this conversation wants to conclude(personal opinion) that ~ Free will is an illusion.
    Quite a profound post!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. My dear spectator, if you’ve loved anyone or anything only then you’ll have the courage to risk it all.
    I agree! People nowadays limit themselves of loving someone because of the fear of being hurt but how can you really know that you really love someone completely if you will not risk it all.

    Liked by 1 person

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