Elementary: Study of the little grey cells

Some learn silence is a virtue, as for others it is a stringent fragment of the brain cell that navigates the path to a broader extent of one's identity. <Analysing: Behavioural damage> We're so busy in observing the complex mechanism of the human nature that we often neglect the other possibilities that might just be... Continue Reading →

Renaissance of peace

Peace is attaining the gnostic wisdom of the human mind; when you decrypt the complexity of a thought and read between the lines. Where is this desirable peace? Well, peace is just a notion fabricated by the jewels of aesthetic pleasures that you find assuring. It never settles at a point, rather it fluctuates with... Continue Reading →

Phase II

My friend, this world remains an esoteric mystery on the surface; only comprehended by the observer in the depth of his thoughts. Reality has been bothering me in every aspect whether it's a song by a lover or the averted gaze of my fellow companions. There's always something that triggers my emotional state, leaves me... Continue Reading →

Lost in the shadows of my past

Each one of us have felt that cold feeling at least once in our life, the thought that makes our body shiver and leaves us with sleepless never ending nights. When we sit idle for hours, our brain starts to stimulate the past records of our memories which are diluted in the horrors of shame,... Continue Reading →

The paradox mindset

Sometimes, it's infuriating when things get juggle up and you're the one responsible for it. When it's difficult to convey your thoughts through words, Or when you want to say something but you hold on to it as if a force just pushed you back. You feel like giving up but you don't, because somewhere... Continue Reading →

2010 "He's the rhythm to my lyrics and the fire to my spirit" That's what my mind keeps saying all the time. It's like everything around me is halted. When you're attracted to someone charismatic, you tend to do silly things around them. The self-reliant trait of your personality just shrinks a bit and you... Continue Reading →

Ever wonder if ?

We're deprivating our thoughts and beliefs into something despair. Stop. Listen and think for a minute. What are we ? who are we ? We all are shallow beings, following the same cycle, the same system. We've never gazed beyond the horizons of our abilities and discovered something productive from it. We do what we're... Continue Reading →


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