Miss me, my darling

Mon amour, my darling, Am I a sudden interruption in a moment? When I catch you gazing at this antique heart You said I am a curator of your museum Perhaps, a dialect of this compelling language, Where I discerned your tears and felt your scars My thoughts are on demarcation, My drafts are pretty... Continue Reading →


What makes a man search for meaning? Purpose What makes a woman pursue her heart? Love What makes a stoic person be a realist? Wisdom What makes a little boy persistent in his art? Passion Why is time dominant and intriguing? Unpredictability What makes a witness to have audacity to lie? Fear What makes the... Continue Reading →

A Traveller’s Journal: North

(30.4598° N, 78.0644° E) I've arrived in the city of solitude I've left the four walls of my sheltered existence And now I proceed, in search for an inarticulating desire To learn something new on this high altitude I'm constantly challenging myself- Moving towards the steep hill, Crossing few yards of the lychee orchard There... Continue Reading →

A Traveller’s Journal: South

(11.6234° N, 92.7265° E) Away from the daily hassle, I've arrived on this island surrounded by the hues of midsummer I've got a notebook in my hand, And the list? Rest assured I've cross-checked, I'm off towards a new destination With my camera and a fancy backpack My mind is enthralled By my desire to... Continue Reading →

The Little Girl

Nostalgia hit me again When I reminisce a short glimpse of that moment Archived somewhere in my memory lane That's what my old man said- "There's a little girl and her meticulous mind Always in a daze, Leaving me with dozens of questions from time to time" Some may say, My metaphors are a resemblance... Continue Reading →

Face off

Back to square one- I'm meditating in close proximity of this perennial battle Between the mind and the heart Here the version of love is incomprehensible All my senses have semantically lost the track I'm expanding the horizon of my rational judgment This is my constant dilemma I'm recklessly reviving the links to my heart,... Continue Reading →


I'm eloquently narrating my speech prior to your arrival As I'm flustered But my words are periodically refined While my dopamine level is rapidly increasing I'm fond of this first impression That is indelible on my mind You quote your words remarkably Illustrating this fragile conception Of love, purpose and fidelity of one's character I'm... Continue Reading →


I've lost equilibrium I'm gradually disintegrating Descending from this fragile crust I've crash landed on the concrete floor My words are bleeding My hands are numb I'm burning the midnight candle Just to survive through this day Hallucination or reality I see the dark clouds dissipate Bluebird, are you heading this way? Can you see?... Continue Reading →

Trader of Lies

Bonjour! Mesdames and Messieurs, Before you ask Pardon me for being impolite But you've come to my town And let me tell you That I don't trade love here But I do sell lies Here everyone is cunning in manipulating minds Mon ami, I shall warn you and your lady first That here lies do... Continue Reading →

An Ode to My Sakura

I feel a sudden mild diversion in this breeze Ruffling my hair Enormous growth of these branches touching heights Transient glow on the tips of the grass Daffodils and dandelions floating on the azure sky Piercing through my veins A temptation that's running wild, Eagerly waiting for a familiar feeling When I'll know who you... Continue Reading →

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