What makes a man search for meaning?


What makes a woman pursue her heart?


What makes a stoic person be a realist?


What makes a little boy persistent in his art?


Why is time dominant and intriguing?


What makes a witness to have audacity to lie?


What makes the analyst conceal the facts and figures?


What makes a fugitive to run and hide?


Why an old lady chooses a different path?


What makes an idea transform into reality?


What takes a moment to be an eternal bond?


What makes the people of my kind

To be broken yet so strong?


The syntax of this universal language

Is known by all

But only few can decipher

Each segment of the implausible odds

– Shubhangi Rawat

49 thoughts on “XII

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    1. In this journey called life we consistently discover, adapt and stimulate ourselves to work for something that make us feel confident. Curiosity is a basic human drive and so, from birth till old age we learn, evolve and set new goals. 😊

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    1. Hope is a bridge that paves the way towards a better tomorrow. Though, sometimes we stumble and feel lost but eventually we build faith with a hope that someday, a change might be right around the corner.
      Thank you for your thoughtful insight. I’ll always keep that in mind. 😊

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