Miss me, my darling

Mon amour, my darling,

Am I a sudden interruption in a moment?

When I catch you gazing at this antique heart

You said I am a curator of your museum

Perhaps, a dialect of this compelling language,

Where I discerned your tears and felt your scars

My thoughts are on demarcation,

My drafts are pretty coarse

And every time I remain a solivagant

Struggling somewhere in this chaos

Did you miss me, my darling?

When subtle hints of reality reminded you of this verse

When your silence tells me in deference, my love

I am conversing through this acoustic melody;

A symphony from my mind’s chords to your heart

Does that comply with your random thoughts?

That an obscure sentiment, so precise

Brought to the light

Telling me,

That I’m alive in every word you describe

Your past, present and future

I remained as an unscathed hope in your life,

What an irony is this, my darling

That you miss me, yet avoid

That you care and cannot hide

What an agony is this, my love

That you are a dweller of an incomprehensible abyss

Now write me in that ecstatic handwriting of yours

From the bottom of your unlocked mind

In between the cracks of those moments,

At stations, airports, bookstores

Or at the Hillside Cafe

Looking through the window,

while sipping the latte

Or taking a walk away from reality

Where you’ve gradually found me,

Day by day, year after year,

Persevering my persona beside yours

Running, tripping, searching,

Only to reach here,

At the pivot of this enchanting spell

My fondness is my freewill

Until your love aligns to its set path

You will miss me, my darling

You always will

– Shubhangi Rawat

50 thoughts on “Miss me, my darling

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  1. SMiLes A Key i HeaR it Seems

    In One View of Your Poetry

    A Thirst For A Song of SoUL

    So Deep to Return

    to Breathing

    For the Owner

    of Pen Man or
    Woman Ship to

    Return Home to A Harbor

    Of Loving Setting Free Sails

    To Explore A Soul So Ocean
    Whole Water Wave Deeper Within

    SMiLes Dear Shubhi As It’s Just So

    Hard for me to Imagine

    Any Dude Returning

    Beauty of Words

    Like this

    Back to A Soul
    Freer Than Who
    You Write of You HeaR Hehe

    Listening to A Breath of Soul

    MaKinG A Way to Completing

    Life As Only A Practice of Perfecting
    Loving it All Now From Deep to So
    Far Above


    of Course mY FRiEnD…
    A Best Enough Most
    Whole Complete


    Is Becoming
    A Best FRiEnD
    With Soul Within
    Then All that’s Really
    Left to Do Now is Inhale
    Peace Exhale Love Now
    Yes BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove
    Giving Caring Sharing Healing
    So Free A Living Tree Touching
    Other Forest Leaves of LoVE iN Peace..:)

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  2. Bonjour
    Mon petit passage du jour pour venir te dire bonjour, j y dรฉpose ma petite image pleine de bonheur pour rรฉchauffer ton cล“ur pour passer une agrรฉable journรฉeโ€ฆ
    Amitiรฉ bise Bernard

    Liked by 2 people

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