Finally, I can answer you, at least with the staggering thoughts in my head and the feeling in my heart that somewhere you can hear me.

So far I have discovered some portions of the human mind and it is profoundly disturbing. I’ve met many people and listened to their stories. I have seen the fracture of the human soul. So many broken lives, so much pain and anger giving way to the poison of deep grief until one wrong step leads to many.

I had my halcyon days before but now, I’m aiming for something more. You told me that I’m different and I believed you. I must not jeopardise myself and put my ethics on stake and risk everything.

Neither I can say I’m correct nor I can agree to the possible facts on my table. My judgement lies in the probability of many outcomes that I can foresee. I don’t know what the truth is but I’m in search for it.

I have always wanted to believe that man is rational and civilised. My very existence depends upon this hope, upon order and methods, but now perhaps I am asked to listen instead to my heart. I must learn for once to live with the imbalance.

Sometimes change is persistent, only then one can grow from within and I hope one day you’ll agree to the same.

May you find your peace in this world. May we all.


Shubhangi Rawat

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  1. Humans started out by Divine design. Sadly that has been severely messed with over millions of years. It is time to right this wrong and bring all life back to this Divine design and living as Source love and light, by the heart!

    I applaud your courage!

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  2. My governor is my soul. My soul has no laws. It has its own direction, it knows where it is going, I am a soul in a physical body. I am the soul. The soul is divine, perfect, omnipotent. And the soul knows the Truth. Everything else is a lie, it is a lie. The soul is real, it is true. I just listen to my soul, I obey it. Everything is so simple. We like to complicate things. But it’s nothing complicated. Just listen to the soul.

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    1. A mentor can only guide us to follow a particular path.
      But the choice remains completely upon us, whether to follow it or create our own unique way.
      Thank you for understanding the essence of the write-up. 😊

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