Sir, Finally, I can answer you, at least with the staggering thoughts in my head and the feeling in my heart that somewhere you can hear me. So far I have discovered some portions of the human mind and it is profoundly disturbing. I've met many people and listened to their stories. I have seen... Continue Reading →


What is this? Where am I? These shimmering lights Are parching my eyes Shut it! pull the blinds down! I can barely walk but I've to try I cannot see what stands before me Is someone really here? Or is it just another nightmare I feel distraughted, strangled by these chains It keeps pulling me... Continue Reading →

La Vie En Rose

Give your broken heart and soul to me I'll collect all the pieces that are left Bind them together as one From heaven to hell, I promise that I can Sway all these stern obstacles When you get lost among the crowd You don't know where to go Even how far you wander You'll come... Continue Reading →

Enticing Beauty

Is it the unfathomable mysteries of the sky Or the barren ground below my feet Is it the lucid dream of the poet Or the sunset on the horizon of the sea Not the face, my dear For something so evanescent and burried in layers But for once I need to hear, What's beauty and... Continue Reading →

Treacherous lover

Here the flames are dancing in the midst of fire The moon is singing a lullaby Somewhere in this silence You'll hear a lover's cry There's turmoil of emotions with a sound of grief He has his own rigid myths that he believes, Thinking about those exquisite memories When he dreams of her every night... Continue Reading →

Phase II

My friend, this world remains an esoteric mystery on the surface; only comprehended by the observer in the depth of his thoughts. Reality has been bothering me in every aspect whether it's a song by a lover or the averted gaze of my fellow companions. There's always something that triggers my emotional state, leaves me... Continue Reading →

The Man I Adore

He's not perfect but he's smart: Quite a gentleman with sanity And the way he presents himself, With a warm smile on his charismatic demeanour Makes me wonder, How can a man possess such ability? And when you look at him There's a vision in his eyes, And a pride in his sophisticated style He's... Continue Reading →


Do not fall, I repeat once again DO NOT FALL I'll be the end of you, an end that's infinite I'll drag you to my hell; Drift you away from happiness And then bring you along to this wretched emptiness DO NOT FOLLOW From here you cannot escape You'll be drowned in the high tides... Continue Reading →

Right here, waiting

The rustling sound of leaves And the soothing breeze Reminds me of something new To write about you What could I possibly write Even a thought of you makes me wayward Little rays of sunshine falling on the pavement Reminds me of your arrival I know one day you'll be here And my heart will... Continue Reading →

I seek more

I seek for loyalty in a world that is drunk in fetish desires I seek for water in a desert that's set on fire What can I seek more I'm on a journey And my destination is unknown I've seen the good in people And the worst they can do I've seen them living the... Continue Reading →

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