What a paradoxical fall! Here the bleak and blustery nights Are drenched in this thought In this charade of a bliss You carry the attire of deception Always chanting for an electrifying connection When your lips touch another No warmth Just a never ending emptiness to bear One after the other Days passes by, This... Continue Reading →

Elementary: Study of the little grey cells

Some learn silence is a virtue, as for others it is a stringent fragment of the brain cell that navigates the path to a broader extent of one's identity. <Analysing: Behavioural damage> We're so busy in observing the complex mechanism of the human nature that we often neglect the other possibilities that might just be... Continue Reading →

To my alter true self, Just like you I'm a vagabond wandering in the desert of my mind, unaware of my destination. I'm in a journey with myself and somewhere in between where I rest, I take a fancy stroll; completely unheeded by my surroundings. I spend some quality time here thinking that one day,... Continue Reading →

Yin and Yang

Drifting apart: The anatomy of my alter self Is cascading from a sheer height While I keep running Not looking around I reckon these voices articulating "Go away! Stand back!" So, I keep running On this bridge of happiness and sorrow There used to be a glimpse of my affection For those who've now left... Continue Reading →

World of Books

A section that's only visible to that voracious reader Who breathes in a whiff Cherishes the mild aroma of these books Left for quite a while on the shelves Waiting for someone to look A journey to attain the ability of perceiving, An expedition to infinite places Where one lives a thousand times Scrolling down,... Continue Reading →

At Arm’s Length

In this arduous nexus Only the thoughts remain impregnable; not captive The mind is distant from those atrocious people Who are stampeding towards the same exit And like always, Some will throw a fit They'll start feeding you their dirty secrets Till your intuitions become unclear Forcing you to retreat in a bemusing dilemma As... Continue Reading →

Renaissance of peace

Peace is attaining the gnostic wisdom of the human mind; when you decrypt the complexity of a thought and read between the lines. Where is this desirable peace? Well, peace is just a notion fabricated by the jewels of aesthetic pleasures that you find assuring. It never settles at a point, rather it fluctuates with... Continue Reading →

Vintage Romance

Darling, I'm not too fond of these alluring exhibits But you're the divine; an art to my dark soul And I'm your artist Intriguingly waiting to explore As I vaguely hold my brush And lay the palette on the floor Swaying it in all strokes In every possible combination That are pleasing to my eyes... Continue Reading →

Sir, Finally, I can answer you, at least with the staggering thoughts in my head and the feeling in my heart that somewhere you can hear me. So far I have discovered some portions of the human mind and it is profoundly disturbing. I've met many people and listened to their stories. I have seen... Continue Reading →


What is this? Where am I? These shimmering lights Are parching my eyes Shut it! pull the blinds down! I can barely walk but I've to try I cannot see what stands before me Is someone really here? Or is it just another nightmare I feel distraughted, strangled by these chains It keeps pulling me... Continue Reading →

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